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Measure Employee Engagement

Our digital surveys measure the fulfillment and commitment of your employees. Are they your ambassadors, your detractors and why ?

Digital plateform happiness agency
eNPS calculation
eNPS calculation

Identify the areas of improvements

Your quantified results to draw up an improvement plan of the QWL (Quality of Working Life). What are your objectives and the ROI (Return On Investment) ?

employee engagement

Activate your “Happy Moments”

Concrete actions will be suggested to generate positive emotions and boost your performance, following your budget. What are the initiatives to meet your problems ?

employee engagement
Did you know ?

An engaged employee is









Less absent

CEO, Human Ressources, CHO, Managers... It is time to take actions and to work on the Quality of Working Life.

In Switzerland, less than 1 employee out of 5 is actively engaged with his company.

engaged employees
engaged employees

Working with Happiness Agency

Put human first

Listen to your employees as you listen to your customers.

Control your costs

Customized "Happy Moments" to provide positive emotions at limited costs.

Generate ROI

Reduce absenteeism and turnover of employees. Boost productivity and initiatives.

Speak openly and increase your teams performance