May the Force be with your team

Imply your team members and boost your performances.
Punctually or in a regular base, take your team’s pulse. Our digital surveys are developing engagement and collective thinking. You can then activate your action plan and monitor your budget. Happiness Agency helps you build a collaborative and performative business culture.


your team is your strength
your team is your strength
Lil Pulse survey App

Measure Employee Engagement

Feedback culture is a major asset in the current context, where « resilience » and  « adaptability » are key words. Communication with your team members should be stronger and their opinion valued. Quick and fun, our digital surveys measure your team’s wellbeing . Obtain a clear vision of your strength and weakness, and discover the part of your ambassadors vs. detractors.

Lil Pulse survey App
eNPS calculation
eNPS calculation

Identify areas of improvement

Our studie’s results  are number based, and help you to assess the QWL (Quality of Working Life) of your business. We base our feedback on objective criteria coming from field feedbacks to share with you a clear vision of the reality and share our personalized action plans to improve your metrics. We are with you to define your objectives and associate ROI (Return on investment).

employee engagement

Activate your “Happy Moments”

Your team members are expecting as much from you that you expect from them. The efforts that you put in place to imply your team must be followed by tangible actions.
In average, least than 10% of working people think that employee surveys are really in place to take action. That won’t be the case in your company! We will accompany you in the follow-up plan, respecting your wills and budget. Boost your team’s performance today!

employee engagement


Accompany a transformation

Reduce turnover and absenteeism

Reinforce team cohesion

Develop company spirit and culture

Prevent from burn-out and brown-out

Follow teams on the field or WFH

Boost QWT (Quality of Working Life)

Work with Happiness Agency

Put human first

Listen to your employees as you listen to your customers.

Control your costs

Customized "Happy Moments" to provide positive emotions at limited costs.

Generate ROI

Reduce absenteeism and turnover. Boost productivity and initiatives.

Some happy clients

Speak openly and increase your teams performance

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