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Our solution

Boost your productivity with the Lil Pulse solution. The aim of Happiness Agency is to ensure that each employee is a brand ambassador. We have that true belief to make the employee engagement a genuine growth engine for your teams and your company.

Develop the feedback culture to ensure your team is onboard. It surely helps to understand the situation and to make the best decisions.

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Felxible and adaptable

A flexible solution

A solution and pricing adapted to your needs and the size of your company :

  • micro and small entreprises
  • medium-sized businesses
  • large companies & multinatiolals
Felxible and adaptable

Concrete uses

  • Remote teams
  • transformation programs
  • High absenteeism rate
  • High turnover rate
  • Team building
  • Tense social climate
  • Burn-out prevention
  • ...

The Lil Pulse solution


Use fast and fun surveys to reach a high level of participation.


Be reinsured, all results are personnal and anonymous.


Sleep well, your data is protected and never shared with anyone.

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